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History of Salt Water Taffy

Most everyone loves Salt Water Taffy, but did you ever wonder when and how it was first made?  Salt Water Taffy is a variety of soft Taffy originally produced and marketed in Atlantic City, New Jersey beginning in the late 19th century.  The most popular explanation of the name is that of a candy-store owner, David Bradley, whose shop was flooded during a major storm in 1883.  His entire stock of Taffy was soaked with salty Atlantic Ocean water.  Shortly afterward, a young girl came into his shop and asked if he had any taffy for sale.  Mr. Bradley jokingly offered her some "salt water taffy."  After sampling a piece, the girl purchased the candy and proudly walked down the beach to show her friends.  Bradley's mother was in the back of the store and over heard the entire conversation.  She loved the name "salt water taffy" and that is what it was called from then on. 

Salt Water Taffy

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