Cream                          Dark Purple                     Light Purple

          Brown                                   Red                             Orange

         Black                                   Gold                                   Teal

  Dark Blue                        Dark Green                          Silver

       Blue                                    White                          Light Blue

Choose from 21 colors. 

$11.99 per pound.

     Dark Pink                             Pink                                  Maroon

Melts in your Mouth not in your Hand!

best choice for  Candy & Sweets

500 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103


     Yellow                                    Aqua                                Green

Fun Facts

1.  M&Ms were created in 1941 as a means for soldiers to enjoy chocolate without it melting.

2.  The original M&M colors were:  red, yellow, brown, green and violet.

3.  The "M" printed on the M&Ms was originally printed in black.  This changed to white in 1954.