best choice for  Candy & Sweets

500 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103


Grand Center

Opened 8/28/16

Delmar Loop Store

Closed 2/28/17

With today's challenging economy, nothing makes people smile more than a stroll back down memory lane with some of their favorite childhood sweet treats.

Having grown up in St. Louis city and my husband growing up in University City, MO I knew the Delmar Loop would be the perfect place to launch Miss M's Candy.  In addition, the Delmar Loop was named "One of the 10 Greatest Streets in America" by the American Planning Association.

The name Miss M's Candy was derived from our daughters Meghan and Morghan.  It's a family business that includes my husband Lee and our daughters Danielle, Meghan, and Morghan.

Miss M's Candy opened July 2010.  We opened our 2nd location with our cousins Guy and Robin Jennings in the electric Grand Center in August 2016.

Sweet Beginnings

When I found myself unemployed in early 2010, it gave me the opportunity to assess and redefine my next career move.  Having spent over 25 years in the Mortgage Industry it was time to pursue my dream of owing my own business.

As I researched to determine what would be the perfect retail concept that would attract people of all ages, exciting, and fun I thought  opening a Candy Store would be the perfect business.  I wanted to create an environment that would be a wow factor for people of all ages.

I realize that candy is universal, easily transcending culture, age, race, religion, and economic status.  It speaks to everybody and nearly everybody Loves it!