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What's your flavor? Miss Mís Candy Boutique specializes in all things sweet! Discover the best of the best and indulge in our large selection of candy including gourmet chocolates, 21 colors of M & Mís, nostalgic wrapped candy, deliciously fruity Lollipops, jawbreakers, rock candy & slow-melting suckers. We carry tart, tangy & sweet Gummy Bears that will satisfy every gummy craving along with our assortment of Jelly Belly® distinct flavors. Our licorice puts a tasty spin on a classic treat while our breath fresheners offer a minty mouthful and our bubblegum sticks to your sweet side. Miss Mís Candy, a specialty candy retail store and premiere destination for all candy lovers has something for every dietary need including sugar free, fat free, reduced fat, portion controlled, calorie control, and fortified products.

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